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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  August 20, 2015 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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a bunch of idiots taunt a trapped bear, until he turns the tables, and the people in the car now terrified. see them get a lesson in messing with a bad beast. >> run, run, run. >> a couple is loading up at the store until the crowd realizes -- >> wait, are they stealing this? >> what happens when a hero tries to block them in. ♪ it's the violin rendition of a hip-hop hit. >> and it's just incredible. >> now meet the mad violinist himself who is entrancing the world with his trap music. >> i was embracing my roots. plus see how long it takes for mom to realize her son is home.
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and the republican debate gets a bad lip reading treatment. >> now we get to see what they were really thinking. >> general warts, you touched a genital wart. >> see why staying on message is tough. >> whatever, look, it's the thing the tuna melt does to me. >> this next one is a bit heartbreaking to watch but stick with me, i assure you, you are going to love the conclusion. what you see here is a bear trapped beneath an suv somewhere in russia. we believe that the three men and one woman that we hear in this video have been hunting this bear and may have actually run this bear over. >> on purpose? >> on purpose. the bear trapped now beneath the suv, but it's fighting hard and it's strong enough to lift this suv up. you can hear the people talking inside the car and one man outside the vehicle, loose
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translation sounds like whether they should bag the bear or abuse it in other ways. meanwhile the bear keeps fighting. >> bears are stronger than humans, but that's an suv. that's thousands of pounds. >> i'm going to guess that suv is somewhere in the neighborhood of 4,000 to 5,000 pounds. the bear has got its rear legs firmly planted on the ground and that suv at the limits of its rear suspension. you see the car way up in the air. everybody get together and cheer this guy on. >> he's using his hind legs to pull himself out of there. >> pulls himself free and the people in the car now terrified. >> run, bear, run! >> he doesn't run, he attacks. he deflates that tire, not done. the woman frantic for good reason. woo! >> now you're crying? now you're scared?
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come on! >> i'm enjoying this a little bit too much, because it's like you want to hunt? you want to play? you want to fight? okay! enjoy their walk home as well. >> looks like they are out in the middle of nowhere now a flat tire. the bear once retrieved from underneath the car does not appear to be injured. it's moving quite quickly. now authorities in russia have seen this video, of course it's going viral, getting a lot of attention, they're looking for these people and charges expected to be filed against these hunters. it's a short video clip, starts off quite peculiar but somewhat normal. as it develops you see the situation quickly get out of hand. video uploaded to youtube from a hope depot at ft. lauderdale in florida. there's raised voices you can hear shouting. seems strange but as you realize they don't have any bags. >> run, run, run. >> wait, are they stealing this?
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then watch. as a pickup truck pulls in front and quickly backs up. >> no! >> blocking them from escaping and they jump in the home depot employee puts a trolley behind this. they do this, the camera pans away and with a screech of tires they take off with the pickup truck following after them. what happened apparently according to witnesses was this couple basically strolled out of home depot with a trolley full of goods. the pickup guy a bystander tries to block them in with his truck. they then reverse and take off at high speeds. >> my hands are shaking right now. >> the guy comes walking over, you hear what he says and why he did it. >> he needs a reward. >> what are you crazy in. >> yo, that was good. >> i'm feeling young again. >> dude, that was good thinking, man. >> he's like my family is in the business, i hate it when guys do
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this stuff. >> i'm glad he didn't get hurt. >> we put out a call to local police. as you can see in this video you have the white dodge charger, woman with the dyed blond hair and the guy. maybe there's someone watching the video that can identify these thieves. the military homecoming videos, we love them, the dog, the kids, the wife, the dad, the mom, it's always exciting. this time it's mom taking a photo. she doesn't know her son is going to surprise her. who is coming up behind her? >> it's amazing how long it took. i love that process of nothing is quite what it's supposed to be. am i imagining this? that's my son. >> everybody seems to be in on it because they immediately start laughing. and mom, of course, is happy but i notice there's a man in the background, i think he might be
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drying some man tears, by the garage door. he's dabbing the eyes a little bit. >> probably thought she was getting photo bombed. who is this? this one is for the fellas. in las vegas, these guys in the hotel find a cart. you won't be surprised this happens. >> this is like required behavior. >> this is what you do? >> yes. >> helps distract you from the fact you lost like $5,000. >> this guy never spilled the drink, whatever it is in the can. this guy thought it would be a blast to go out powerkiting. good for a jump but doesn't quite land it. >> looks like he's kiteboarding
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without the board or the water. >> this is the thing, that's what the powerkite is all about, get a little bit of air, the sensation of flying briefly, for people that know how to do it, know how to land safely. this guy needs to practice more. >> a lot more. a mom to be passes the time -- >> by dancing in the delivery room. >> see how getting her groove on gets her through it. and a dude went in to get the vacuum but when he went for it, it snapped at him. why he got a slithering surprise instead.
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>> wow. >> this guy is so incredibly talented with that tviolin. >> he's here alongside the dancing dj, this video went crazy viral, i watched it on facebook. over a quarter of a million views when i saw it. right now live via skype we have the mad violinist himself! >> hey, hey. >> welcome to the show. this video is absolutely incredible. tell us about how you came to make it. >> i tell people like trap music what i was doing in the video i was really just embracing my roots. i grew up on the south side of tallahassee. i was a producer making beats. i grew up with t-pain. we grew up making beats again. i've been doing it for a long time. i felt this trend of trap music was something i had to embrace because it's something i helped create a long time ago and now it's coming into light and it's a great thing to see so i called
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my d.j. and most of that was all improve. i heard that song only an hour before i reported it. >> tell me about the moment you guys were making beats and you said this needs violin. how did that go over? >> my dj is my adviser. i'm getting older, i need a young adviser. >> somebody who is hearing this for the first time, what style of music contributed to this trap music? >> my mom taught me how to play the violin, she started teaching me when i was 3. she was' been playing for 53 years. you hear country, bluegrass, hip-hop. i love it all. i play all of it every day. >> are you thinking about capitalizing on its success, maybe recording an album or going out touring and playing it like this? >> you know what? i have been going out touring with my dj playing it like this. i make beats for a lot of people. i have five grammy nominations making beats, been on over 50 major albums, nicki
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lupe fiasco. my idea is to do something like a trap album. accidents happen. when they do, you kind of like -- whoops. >> in this case this accident led to more of a yikes! because this man right here you see walking out of the store room, walked in there to retrieve his vacuum cleaner. the lights were off and when he walked in to grab the vacuum cleaner hose it snapped at him. whoa! >> that's not a hose. >> are you serious, he really grabbed it? >> he went to grab for what he thought was the vacuum cleaner. that's identified as a carpet pyth python. now it's made its way up into the shelving there but it was on the floor. this guy, richie gilbert is a snake wrangler and going to make quick work of it. >> it's a big boy, lively anyway. >> oh yeah, a bit lively.
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>> poise news? >> no, it's a python so it's not poisonous. it can bite but it's going to contradict more than anything. >> this is a great excuse for this guy to never do the vacuuming ever again. >> oh he's not a big one. i think we had a bigger one. >> looks to be about six feet long but i guess the owner says he's seep a bigger one hanging around. this isn't it. >> do you take it home, release it back into the wild? you take it to a rescue? >> richie is a snake catcher so i imagine he'll probably grab it and just take it back out to the wild. being in labor, about to deliver your child, has to be one of the most painful experiences ever. the contractions come, you are in pain, you want to punch your husband or your man. this lady though is celebrating it quite literally. >> she's back at it. >> by dancing in the delivery room while she's waiting for her contractions to come. >> wait fog are the contractions or trying to forget about some of the pain? >> all of the above. >> my water is breaking.
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>> if you're having a serious contraction how could do you that? >> it's put into people's heads by tv and media that it's all pain, it's all screaming. my wife 18 hours during labor and i've seen videos of stuff like this, people achieving the big "o" while giving birth. things like that do happen so this is pretty cool. >> she's in the room, she's doing the tootsie roll. her husband recording all of this the whole time cracking up. little surprised at what she's doing? >> everybody has their own way of coping and dealing with things. she's great. >> she is missing an opportunity, this is when you act like it's painful so when the child acts up, look what mommy went through to have you. she can't do that now, she had a party. >> it's a fun household for that kid to grow up in. >> you want to be famous i guess this is how you do it. >> he makes films by simply doing this. >> if i could do this i would. >> see it, next aring rgt. and still to come.
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>> you got your little head stuck. >> a goat is stuck in a fence until linda comes along. >> the goat not exactly happy but she puts it in line. >> her calm approach to pull off a quick rescue. >> settle down. plus the guys from bad lip reading get political. >> i will drink a sorority's gold fish. >> why the cleverness of this one ain't up for debate. >> i don't know how to do this actually.
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closed captioning provided by -- ststayay c cooool l amamere. gogoldld b bonond d popowd. cocoolol, , drdry,y, a anynyt. ststayay c cooool!l! helplp m me.e. [[ m malale e ana] relief starts now. gogoldld b bonond d ra. two i itctch-h-fig medicines ininsstatantntlyle summer itches. gogoldld b bonond.d. it's a great time of year to go kayaking with your brother. that's what aaron kilcoyne was doing. you see his brother in the yellow kayak. the bird near his brother the bird had a lure trapped around one of its webbed feet so he and his brother have to execute a rescue. you can see right there if you look over the paddle, see that
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lure. i don't know if the bird thought it was a fish or got caught in it diving for another fish but you could see them working gently to get that off been. >> i'm sure the bird thought it was an actual fish because it's made to look like a fish to trick fish. >> but it lured the wrong animal. >> yes, poor thing. >> the good thing is, it did not take them very long to get that off. it looks like it's going to be complicated but they work diligently and quickly. once they released it that bird is like i'm out of here. this rescue one of my favorites of all-time because it features a southern woman and a goat. the goat caught in fencing outside of nashville, tennessee. >> you got your little head stuck. >> that goat does have its little head stuck. what is better is when linda lee thompson shows up. that's her daughter providing commentary. >> mama is here to save you. >> might i add, linda is 71, looking that good. >> you go, girl! >> the goat not exactly happy but she puts it in line. >> oh, mama.
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>> settle down, settle down. >> oh, settle down. >> all it took was a settle down. >> and the goat paid attention, it's the mom voice. works across species, y'all. >> he's not going to listen. >> yes, he is. just wait a minute. wait, we almost got it. >> nice move. >> all right. that ain't her first time at the rodeo, i bet. governor mike huckabee, how was your summer? >> it was dope, like your pretty gelled head. >> oh, thank you, i'm getting it personaled. >> hey, all you freaks are bozos but who is this mindy? >> an old friend actually, she's great. >> you have to be joking. she pooped on the treadmill. >> oh, that's her. >> there are explicit viral videos and nuclear viral videos. one of the finest purveyors of nuclear viral videos on the interwebs are the guys from bad lip reading. they've gotten hold of the first
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republican debate and now we get to see what they were really thinking. >> governor christie, when you were younger, what was your favorite childhood snack? >> oh, i wanted you know, i just wanted regular potatoes, but guess what? so did other people. i wanted the most so i'm like -- >> you just froze a baby, genital warts. you touched a genital wart and you can't touch it. >> guys, guys, all right, enough. >> you're a wart toucher. >> oh, mr. trump. >> oh -- whatever, look it's the thing the tuna melt does to me, america. >> they've taken the footage, rerecorded it, put some funny stuff over it. everyone seems to be paying a lot of attention except ben carson, he seems distracted. >> let's hear from dr. carson. >> this piece i think it goes like that, and this one goes -- this piece goes over here. this is part of the tree. >> carson? >> oh, but then, then bad lip reading takes it to an entirely
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new and special level for the closing statements in song. >> senator ted cruz. ♪ ladies and bunnies let me think about it for a second over here, first thing i need and then i can dance in my little paper puppy ♪ that's weird. >> um-hum. >> it's another absolutely classic from the guys at bad lip reading. if you haven't seen it, make sure you check out the whole thing on our website and click on "tv show" or use the mobile app. the l.a. beast is about to eat -- >> $2 in dimes. >> no way, dude. that's so cool. >> but see why becoming a human piggy bank probably not as cool as he thinks. wewe s snanap p itit.. wewe s statackck i it. wewe s smomoososh h it. wewe l lovove e itit.. hershey's s mamakekes s itit a. yoyou u mamakeke i it t s. hehersrshehey'y's s isis m mini, our chocolate.
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funding it. no indication of how much. in the name of science, is how this video was made and if it's the l.a. beast he'll be eating something he shouldn't be eating. see what he's holding there? >> piggy bank. >> his piggy bank full of coins. >> i decided to ingest as many u.s. dimes in my body as i possibly can. >> mind you, don't try this at home. >> how many is he doing? >> $2 in dimes. he bought a metal detector and tests it on his body to show everybody there's nothing in there already. >> and no, there clearly is no metal in my stomach.
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i am the l.a. beast. now i'm about to become a human piggy bank. >> there goes the first one, based on his face you can tell it didn't feel good. he gets through ten coins, and his goal he says to eat five or six more. >> my concern is some of the dimes get stuck inside your body. >> there's got to be a little bit of danger to what he's doing. >> a lot of danger. >> the dimecoget lodged in his throat, the sides of the dime could scratch him. >> he finally manages to get down 21 dimes. he grabs the metal detector to show us where the coins are in his body. >> no way, dude. that's so cool. >> cool now. i don't think it's going to be cool in a few hours >> a lot sooner than that. he actually feels not well and decides to call the hospital. >> how many dimes did you
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consume? >> 21 dimes. >> okay, uhm, sir, the, uhm -- come to the emergency room. i do not know why you did that, sir. >> neither do we. >> i don't think he knows either. >> well she doesn't know the l.a. beast clearly. >> he goes to the hospital and the doctor wasn't terribly concerned about his coin inge ingesti ingestion, ended up just sending him home and waiting for it to pass all on its own. >> whoa! >> have a good day. >> thanks for watching the best viral videos with us today. we'll catch you next time on "right this minute."
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yes, sir. >> you're going to get hurt. >> some brave guys hold a robbery suspect as they wait for police to arrive. now meet the target of the attack, who is grateful those good samaritans. >> thank you so much. >> they were absolutely amazing. a motorcyclist goes for it on a wide open road. >> and he's almost hitting 70, he's loving this ride. >> see what finally clips his wings. >> straight out of compton. >> first came straight outta compton, now comes straight outta gotham. >> you know


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